Article Submission System:
Authors can format their article either in (i) a single-column format or (ii) as per the journal template. The submitted articles should not have been previously published or are currently under consideration for publication elsewhere. The journal does not accept brief or short notes for publication. The editors retain the right to reject any articles that lack quality or originality without sending them for review. All articles must fall within the journal’s scope and will undergo a double-anonymized peer-review process. Authors must confirm that they have read and understood the content of their submitted article and ensure that it meets acceptable English grammar and usage standards. To help with the proofreading process, authors can use tools like Grammarly or similar applications.


In case the author encounters any difficulties while trying to upload the article using the form below, kindly suggest an alternative solution. The author can send the article via email to To ensure a smooth process, please include the following details in the email: Your name, Mobile No, WhatsApp No, Country Name, Email, another email (optional), Scope of the article, Author(s) Name (Min-01, Max-06), Title of the Article, Name of the journal.