The Lattice Science Publication (LSP) is a registered publication house that publishing scientific, original, cutting edge, peer reviewed🔗 research oriented article (s) of the journal(s)🔗 in the field of Engineering, Technology, Science, Management, Humanities, Biology (Zoology and Botany), Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Education, Literature, Agriculture, Economics, Finance, Dental Sciences, Medical Sciences, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Preventive Medicine and Health since year 2020. All journal(s)🔗 of  Lattice Science Publication (LSP)🔗 are double blind, open access🔗, peer reviewed🔗, periodic international journal.

The journals of ‘Lattice Science Publication (LSP)‘ is providing open access services for author (s), reader (s) and institution (s). Journal does not take any kind of fee from the author (s), reader (s) and institution (s). Journal is free and open access for the author (s), reader (s) and institution (s). The ‘Article Processing Charge’ (APC) of the paper is taken by publication house ‘Lattice Science Publication’ after acceptance of the article. The details of the APC is available in the respective journal website. Please visit ‘Ethics & Policy’ section journal website and click to ‘Article Processing Charge policy’.

The APC of the article is applicable for per paper one time which is not refundable. Author (s) can withdraw his/her paper (s) at any time but before signing the copyright.

  1. Once, copyright signed by the author of the paper (either digital or scanned) then APC will not refund to the author of the paper.
  2. In the case of termination of the paper (as per termination policy) from the journal, APC will not refund to the author.
  3. In the case of withdrawal of the paper, APC will not refund to the author.
  4. The APC is not used for indexing and abstracting services for any bibliographic database.

The APC of the article is used:

  1. to maintain the infrastructure of the publication house.
  2. to manage salary of all stakeholder
  3. to manage all kind of hardware and software resources before the publication and after the publication. For example: management of the website, anti-plagiarism software, Laptop (s), Printer (s), etc.
  4. to live the article in the journal website.
  5. to assign DOI for the paper
  6. to pay fee of the required resources. For example, server maintenance fee (monthly basis), cross reference membership fee (yearly basis) etc.