The final manuscript can be submitted to the relevant journal if it is accepted by the Board of Referees (BOR) of ‘Lattice Science Publication (LSP)’ for publication in the relevant journal.

Final Manuscript

  1. The final manuscript should be prepared in accordance with the review and plagiarism report which is attached in the email. Please go through the attachment very carefully.
  2. The manuscript should be prepared according to the Journal Template which is available on the Download section in the Journal website. The author(s) may also send the manuscript in single column format if they are having trouble converting the manuscript as per the journal template. Header and footer editing will be done in the journal office itself. Therefore, there is no need to change anything in the Header and Footer section of the Journal template. The final manuscript should not have more than 05 authors.
  3. The author’s profile is mandatory along with the author’s photograph in the final manuscript. There should be at least 50 to 400 words about the author.
  4. It is mandatory to mention the paper ID of the manuscript in place of subject field in the email during final manuscript submission in the given email address. Paper ID can be found in the acceptance letter.
  5. The author can make corrections in the final manuscript, but no correction is allowed in the manuscript after publication.
  6. The publication certificate of the manuscript will be sent to the concerned author’s email within 02 weeks from the date of publication.


The copyright form is available at The author should provide the necessary information as per the guidance which should be very accurate.


Upon acceptance of the article, the article processing fee (APC) of the article is charged by the publishing house ‘Lattice Science Publication (LSP)’. For more details, please refer to Article Processing Charge (APC) Policy๐Ÿ”—


Authors can access DOI from http://www.doi.org๐Ÿ”— after 02 weeks from the date of publication.

Indexing and Abstracting

The entire process of inserting any article into a specialized indexing and abstracting database (for example โ€“ Scopus) is done by their team. Neither the journal nor the publishing house has any involvement in the decision to accept or reject an article from the Indexing and Abstracting Database and does not affect the processing time of the article. For more information, please refer to the Indexing and Abstracts section in the Journal website.